Loft Clearance

When it comes to loft clearance services Surrey House Clearance can do the job. Our company offers professional loft clearance services that are surprisingly affordable and with our clearance specialists you’ll have nothing to worry about! Everyone wants to have more space and room in their home and a loft is usually where forgotten junk ends up. Has your loft become and overwhelming collection of appliance boxes, old furniture or maybe collection of old magazines that you decided to horde? Not to worry. Call us in and we’ll have it cleared in no time!

Some good reasons to call us for expert loft clearance:

  • Lofts are very dusty and inhalation of large doses of dust can cause respiratory problems
  • Loft insulation contains dangerous fibers that are hazardous to health
  • Lofts are dangerous. A foot in the wrong place can lead to a ceiling collapse and possibly an inexperienced person falling through
  • Lofts often contain loose wires, awkward water pipes, water tanks and antennas. Damage to some of these can lead to a huge insurance claim
  • Loft clearance is a messy job. We can lay protective sheets down throughout your house to prevent dirt accumulating
  • Bad access to the loft? Is it a tight squeeze? Send us in and we’ll put our skinny staff up a ladder

Why do our customers use our loft clearance service?

Lofts are a perfect places to put unwanted junk but over time this can accumulate to a mountain of unmanageable and expired or worthless junk. With our loft clearance service we do try to find items that may be of sentimental value and ask our customers if they would like to keep or dispose of these items. We look out for photos and memorabilia and take great pleasure in nudging some old memories for customers by returning that old photo that went missing and had been forgotten about.